About Us

• The firm - Established in 2000, our firm provides both architecture and landscape architecture services allowing for a seamless design process.

• Good communication – We listen with the intent to understand and speak to share our knowledge and experience.

• Team approach – We believe the client, us, our consultants, and the approving authorities are all part of a team with a goal of delivering a successful project.


We are a full service professional design firm offering services in the following areas:

• Residential/ Commercial

• Custom Home Design

• Renovations and Remodel of Existing Buildings

• Landscape Design

• Construction Management

• Interior Design

Need construction? We can help you select the best contractor and we can be with you from concept to design to finished product.

Our Work




"We had excellent experience working with Raj. He is very experienced, insightful and takes pride in his work. Raj is helpful, very detailed and helped us through the entire process. Remodeling home was stressful enough, we are so happy we selected Raj to work with us."

- Rakesh D

"I bought a nice sized lot in the hills with a small house some years back with the intention of building a new Italian style house. I interviewed 8 Architects, all over Bay Area. We came to know Raj from a friend who used him as her Architect to remodel their house in Cupertino. Raj was the one I've picked because of the way he approached and answered my questions regarding my options for the house given the challenges I had with the hill location. We worked on the design, the Architecture documents, we submitted these and then we went through a Design Review which was required. Finally, after we got our permits, Raj continued helping us, supervising the project and providing solutions to the problems we've encountered as we progressed. Raj, is very detail oriented, honest and hard working. He was willing to work with us, to listen to our ideas of the house we wanted to build and then he worked hard for providing the correct designs and solutions that make the house functional but at the same time beautiful. We had encountered multiple problems (as almost everyone does we he builds a new house or does a remodel), but Raj was always there to help us out when we asked for his help. We also, worked with Neelu because we needed Landscape Architecture help. Again, excellent collaboration, and support from her. Our project, because of the hill, had special challenges with Retaining walls, grading, etc. and Neelu helped us a lot through the tough parts. Of course she also helped us with tree/flower planting to match our new Italian style house. If I had to do this again, I would use Raj and Neelu for sure."

- Nick K

"We had the pleasure of working with Neelu Yadav on our home landscaping project a few months back. She was very professional and thorough in her evaluation. She kept us informed of any changes and worked with us to complete the project to our satisfaction. All we need now is some good weather to enjoy our beautiful Deck! Thanks Neelu."

- Munira L

"Yadav Design provided professional design and architectural service for converting a commercial building to a religious facility. The project was initiated by a non-profit organization based out of Sunnyvale, CA. I am part of the non-profit organization's team that hired Yadav Design Group for providing professional service. The project was very complex as we had to not only seek the necessary conditional use permit from the city but also convert a building into a place that would be conducive for worship. Raj and Neelu Yadav of Yadav Design, provided the necessary technical guidance and support through out the entire project which lasted for nearly 2 years. The trustees of the organization provided them the requirements at the start of the project. Yadav Design provided us guidance in short listing properties that will meet our requirements. Once we identified the property, Yadav Design interacted with the city officials with regard to the building code and zoning requirements. We had to go throug several design iterations before identifying one that met both the city as well as our needs. Yadav Design also helped us to short list various GC's and sub-contractors. The tenant improvement project involved demolition, seismic retrofit, framing, electrical, HVAC, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, carpentry, paving, striping, plumbing, and audio-video installation. During the construction phase Yadav Design supervised each and every contractor. They ensured that not only the work between the contractors is well coordinated but also is of very good quality. With regard to the interior tenant improvement or remodeling work, the design, color coordination, and usage of various material has been very good. Prior to the start of the construction work, it was difficult to imagine a regular office space can be converted to a beautiful place of worship. Raj and Neelu Yadav not only supervised the work but also provided technical guidance as the owners did not have any prior knowledge of the process and construction work. Both of them were wiling to go the extra mile to ensure that all our requirements are met and at the same it complies with all the necessary building/fire code requirements. As part of the organization, I strongly recommend Yadav Design Group for both architectural design and construction work. They have the capability to meet the end-to-end requirements."

- Anand I

"Impressive work achieved via immersive attitude ! We recently completed our landscaping project utilizing the end2end skills in architecture, planning, and execution. From the get-go, Neelu fully immersed herself into the vision and dream behind the project, and came up with a highly functional and green design. The project execution was very professionally done, in record time, and with attention to detail and long term quality. Neelu spent considerable time looking for the right material and design, and improvised in partnership with us along the way. Overall, the most pleasing experience we have had with a house project thus far. And to speak to the quality of work, no wonder our backyard is the hub of neighborhood children in the evenings!"

- Sumeet A